Board of Directors


Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline joined the Board after being introduced to the Coalition through her community work as the Director of Community Partnerships at the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Her community experience spans nearly a decade, with a focus on community advocacy in the North Brooklyn communities.


Janet Barnes-Brown, MA

Janet has served as a Board member for over a decade. Janet participated in the Coalition’s inaugurating support group, and has since served as an outspoken survivor in the community.


Dana Christensen

Dana joined the Board after being introduced to the Coalition through her community work as a Deputy Director at Brooklyn Legal Services Corp A. Her legal experience includes housing law, domestic violence law, family law, and immigration law.


Robin Sirota Bassin, LMSW

Robin has been a Board member for nearly two decades and helped establish the first Coalition support group in 1996. She has shown her dedication to the North Brooklyn communities as the Director of Social Services at Los Sures.


Robyn Fisher, Esq.

Robin has been a Board member for over a decade. She has dedicated her career to working within NYC Housing Courts to support community members in their fight for fair housing rights.


Adelaida Perez

Adelaida has served on our Board for over a decade and participated in one of the founding support groups. She has been a leader in her North Brooklyn community for decades.


Alison Cordero

Alison has served as a Board member for over a decade. She has been instrumental in supporting the growth of the Coalition and presently works with St. Nick’s Alliance.


Juan Ramos

Juan has been part of the Coalition’s Board for over 5 years. Juan is the Executive Director of Los Sures, and is a dedicated social justice activist who has worked to address and prevent violence within the Brooklyn communities for over 3 decades.


Luis Matos, LCSW

Luis has served on the Board for over 5 years. He has worked within the domestic violence field for nearly 3 decades, and is the Director of Residential, Educational and Community Services at the Center Against Domestic Violence.


Natasha R. Johnson
Executive Director

Natasha is a native Brooklynite with experience providing trauma-informed legal, policy, advocacy and activism on issues of domestic violence, anti-human trafficking, sexual assault, and female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C).  Natasha is an attorney, academic, artist, activist, entrepreneur, and yoga teacher with nearly 20 years of global experience in the anti-violence/gender justice spaces with an emphasis creating culturally-specific interventions for Black, brown and indigineous communities.


The North Brooklyn Coalition team is comprised of a diverse group of fearless advocates focused on educating our communities and supporting survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Every team member is trained in trauma-informed, intersectional feminist support focused on empowering survivors and engaging our communities in the fight to end domestic violence and sexual assault.