Community Outreach

We are committed to reaching out to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities, and ensuring survivor interests are represented. Our Community Outreach efforts consist of Survivor-Centered Community Outreach and Advocacy.

If you or someone you know wants to speak to one of our team members to ask for help, please encourage them to Contact Us or meet us at one of the Open Community Forums/Meetings. To see more information about upcoming Community Outreach events, please visit our Events Page.

Survivor Community Forums

As an agency committed to survivor-empowerment, NBCAFV hosts monthly Survivor Community Forums for survivors receiving services to discuss current issues and trends they are seeing in their communities. Survivors are given the opportunity to share the challenges and barriers they face when attempting to access support from other community service providers, city-wide agencies or other systems, and receive information about upcoming events, policy changes and other relevant issues.

Utilizing the trends shared by survivors, NBCAFV advocates for local, city and state-wide policy change to eradicate the barriers survivors face when seeking safety and support. NBCAFV supports all survivors who want to publicly advocate for survivor-rights by encouraging them to participate in leadership and outreach training, and participating in outreach efforts with the NBCAFV team.

To find out more about how to become a client and participate in our Survivor Community Forums or access our services, e-mail us at or contact us using the form on our Services for Survivors page.


Open Community Meetings

We attend community meetings to ensure survivors have access to advocates within safe, open, community spaces; to ensure survivors’ interests are represented and so that survivors in our communities have access to our resources. Our advocates attend the following open community meetings on a monthly basis:

  • 81st NYPD Precinct Council meeting
  • 83rd NYPD Precinct Council meeting
  • 90th NYPD Precinct Council meeting
  • 94th NYPD Precinct Council meeting
  • Brooklyn Community Board 1
  • Brooklyn Community Board 4

Additional events and meetings are added to our Events Page on an ongoing basis. To find out more about upcoming meetings and events where you can speak with one of our advocates visit our Events Page.

To invite us to attend your community meeting, e-mail us at or use the form below to send us a message.

Community Events and Clinics

The Coalition coordinates and tables at community events to share information about our services, and to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities. To find out about upcoming events visit our Events Page.

We also collaborate with local community service providers, churches, council members and other community spaces to organize Community Clinics where we provide survivors with information and resources. These Clinics are held in confidential spaces within community offices and churches and allow us to reach survivors in the community who may not otherwise be able to access our services.

To contact us to have our advocates at your event or to organize a Community Clinic within your organization, please email us at or use the Contact form below to reach us.

Collaborative Efforts

NBCAFV is committed to collaborating with local and city-wide service providers to raise awareness and advocate for change. We attend the following meetings to ensure the best-interests of survivors of North Brooklyn are represented:

  • Brooklyn Sexual Assault Task Force – Quarterly meetings where service providers, law enforcement, medical professionals, and criminal justice representatives meet to discuss current issues and policies affecting survivors of sexual assault.
  • Domestic Violence Task Force Community Driven Solutions – Monthly meetings where community-based domestic violence service providers collaborate with one another to advocate for best-practices in city-wide advocacy, awareness and support of survivors.
  • AVP Collaborative – Monthly meetings where service providers focused on ending Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence and supporting LGBT survivors discuss best-practices, upcoming events, and current issues/events.
  • Denim Day – Monthly meeting where service providers focused on ending sexual assault and supporting survivors discuss outreach and awareness events.
  • Downstate Meeting – Monthly meetings where victim service providers discuss current issues faced by victims and develop policy and advocacy plans to ensure all systems victims interact with are survivor-centered and trauma-informed.
  • Bushwick Community Partnership – Monthly meetings where child welfare and family service providers share information about services available and updates on best-practices when working with youth in the Bushwick community.
  • Bedford-Stuyvesant Community Partnership – Monthly meetings where child welfare and family service providers share information about services available and updates on best-practices when working with youth in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community.


Contact us using the form or emailing to learn more about how we can help you.