Our Mission

The North Brooklyn Coalition seeks to address the systemic racism, institutional injustice and cultural barriers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault face by creating a community-based support network, providing supportive services and engaging the community through outreach, education, advocacy and activism.

Our Vision

To ensure all survivors are empowered to direct and lead the movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities.

Our Core Values

Survivor-centered Empowerment

Collaborating with survivors, treating survivors as the experts of their lives, ensuring survivors feel empowered to achieve their goals, as they define them.

Community Accountability, Engagement and Empowerment

We value our community and know that through community engagement, education and awareness we can work together to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Valuing diversity means ensuring all the services we offer are inclusive and that we continue to hold systems accountable for the cultural, racial and other prejudicial barriers survivors face when seeking safety and justice.

This is Us

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