Our Mission

The North Brooklyn Coalition Against Family Violence seeks to address the systemic racism, institutional injustice and cultural barriers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault face by creating community-based support network, providing supportive services and engaging the community through outreach, education, advocacy and activism.

Our Vision

To ensure all survivors are empowered to direct and lead the movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our communities.


The North Brooklyn Coalition Against Family Violence leadership and team is a group of passionate advocates who dedicate their lives to our cause.

Board of Directors

Juan Ramos, Chair
Janet Barnes-Brown, MA, Co-Chair
Robin Sirota Bassin, LMSW, Secretary
Luis Matos, LCSW, Treasurer
Robyn D. Fisher, Esq.
Adelaida Perez
Alison Cordero

Executive Director

Patricia Ross, LCSW

Our History

The North Brooklyn Coalition Against Family Violence (the Coalition) is a grassroots, domestic violence organization serving the North Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Bushwick and Greenpoint. The Coalition was created in 1998 by six community –based organizations: Los Sures, St. Nicholas, El Regreso, Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A, Nuestros Ninos and Ridgewood Bushwick. Its creation was sparked by the experience and the needs of low-income women who had participated in a series of domestic violence support groups. The founding community-based organizations serve as the liaisons for referrals of participants in the various housing, social services, legal services, and employment programs. Each operates in different parts of the community.